DNA des Wohnens

From the perspective of anthropology, the influence of rituals, constraints or habits on our everyday housing practices will be explored, as well as the impact of power structures and gender roles on our everyday living and housing spaces. Moving away from inscribed rituals and power structures, we also make an attempt to break down the complexity of built environment to elements and their relationship to each other:  Methods and theories such as Pattern Language or Space Syntax, both of which deal with emergent architecture, will likewise provide insights into the foundations of dwelling. Likewise, we investigate the meaning and influence of representation and medialization of historical as well as current housing situations and their effects on our actual built environment.

4h, 4 ECTS
via Zoom
Thursday 13:30 - 15:30 live on ZOOM
Examination modalities
A critical examination of a research question developed from the contents of the lecture is required.
Each student will be assigned a research question by the Housing Research Department. The assignment will be uploaded to TUWEL on 1/18/2021.
In the form of a written and visual argument, the research question will be worked out by you individually. The result will be uploaded as a PDF on TUWEL between January 18 and February 25, 2021.
The work consists of a visual reflection of the research question
(diagrams, collages, drawings, ...) as well as a textual reflection of the research question (3,000 characters, incl. spaces), in German or English).