Wohnen: On Site | Gebautes fotografieren

In the workshop "On Site: Architecture & Photography" we examine well-known residential buildings of Vienna for their traces of use and their transformation over the years. These buildings were designed with strong concepts, were much discussed by the professional public (Sargfabrik, Alterlaa, Gasometer, Pilotengasse, Siedlungsanlage Siemensstraße, Werkbundsiedlung, etc.) and have become icons of Viennese housing. Have their concepts worked out? To what extent have the users accepted the concepts, changed them and/or made them independent? Our focus is on the life and use of the buildings in the interior spaces with the visual juxtaposition of the architecture from the outside. Each student chooses a building to explore.

Being on site and the camera are our artistic-research tools, so we learn from the place to document it and tell a visual story about it and let it tell us. What kind of stories do these places tell? And what can they in turn produce for theses about architecture? What do the users report? What makes a particular place special and how do you capture that essence visually?

We critically examine what we want to say and what we can say, and how we present it in concrete terms. The results are presented on an ongoing basis, reflected upon, and subsequently a thematic focus is developed. The result is a printed zine (self-designed mini-publication) of one's own work. The workshop "On Site - Architecture & Photography" is part of the research project "Diskursraum Wohnbau Wien - Positionen zwischen Gemeinwohl und Wohlstand /Wiens Wohnbaupolitik im Kontext Europas" in cooperation with ARCH+. 

4h, 4 ECTS
via Zoom
The workshop will take place in November.
Registration for the workshop is possible from 8.10. - 15.10. via mail with portfolio to hello@zarapfeifer.com. 
Participation in the workshop is limited to 15 participants. 
Notification of acceptance into the workshop will be sent out on 19.10.
Examination modalities
Development and presentation of a photo series.