Wohnen: On Site | Drawing housing otherwise

In the workshop "On Site II - Drawing Housing Otherwise", post-digital drawing becomes a tool for investigating housing.

We will start with a research on housing and images in different media: Which stories about housing do glossy renderings in real estate ads tell us, which imagery of housing do we encounter in political programs and which drawings do architects choose to describe future housing?

Norms, standards, ideals and desires are inscribed in the visual worlds of housing. Through different drawing techniques, housing is to be thought and negotiated differently. Drawing serves us as a space of possibility to rethink housing, privacy, community and city.

4h, 4 ECTS
via Zoom
The Housing Workshop will be held in small groups via Zoom. (Mon. 15-18 h)

Tues. Oct. 27 15:00 Introduction (Zoom)
Mon. Nov. 9 15:00 Research
Mon. Nov. 16 15:00 Drawing
Mon. 23.Nov. 15:00 Collage
(optional Mon. Dec. 1 15:00)
Mon. 7.Dec. Presentation and submission
Registration for the workshop is possible from 8.10. - 13.10. via mail to krejs@wohnbau.tuwien.ac.at.
In addition to your name and matriculation number, you should also send a portfolio A3 (format pdf or jpg.). 

Participation in the workshop is limited to 15 participants!

Notification of acceptance into the workshop will be sent out on 16.10.
Examination modalities
Independently or in small teams, analyses are prepared in the form of drawings.