Wohngespräche 2

A series of talks on contemporary and prospective topics of housing and living in the city. 

After a short introduction into the topic, guests present their positions in the context of housing and residential living in an open Q&A

4h, 4 ECTS
via Zoom
Di 20.10. - Lowie Vermeersch "Future Mobility for People"

Di 03.11. - Lorenzo Romito "Hosting the Unexpected"

Di 24.11. - Sara Alberani "What's out there?"

Di 01.12. - Lorenza Baroncelli "Where do I want to live?"

Di 15.12. - Renée Tribble "Planung als Plattform – Das Wissen der Vielen"

Di 19.01. - Javier Arpa Fernández "Everything is Now"
Examination modalities
For succsessful completion, participats write a text reflecting of 6.000-7.000 characters on a specific topic that will be announced once all events have taken place. the text will require reflection of the talks as well as own research. the text needs to be uploaded via TUWEL.