Foto: Hallstatt - Wohnen im Schaufenster


Workshop Wohnbau: Hallstatt - Wohnen im Schaufenster

Around one million tourists per year with 760 inhabitants - Hallstatt, located in the heart of the Salzkammergut tourist region, stood before the Covid pandemic like hardly any other place in Austria for the term overtourism.

The workshop builds on the bachelor's and master's design course "Hallstatt - Wohnen im Schaufenster" held in the summer semester 2020, which deals with the areas of tension of the global phenomenon of overtourism and living in the local and regional context of Hallstatt and the cultural capital region of Salzkammergut 2024 and deals with essential questions on the living needs and living environments of a wide variety of user groups at different locations in Hallstatt. A broad spectrum of visions and individual target formulations was generated - from affordable housing for residents to hotels for tourists, living space for schoolchildren and hybrid housing models.

Several design courses and the workshop are part of the research project “Living in Extremis: Hallstatt - Salzkammergut 2024”, which focuses on research and teaching and in close cooperation with art and cultural institutions such as "Die Originale 2024" (European Capital of Culture Region Salzkammergut 2024) and the "Festival of the Regions 2021" and the Hallstatt community deepened questions and studies on the topic.

For an exhibition format on site (as part of the "Festival of the Regions 2021" in early summer 2021) and an accompanying publication format, appropriate contributions are to be developed and presented, the university work is to be publicized externally and thus impulses for the current architectural discourse and dialogue (on site ) can be set.

The work process in the workshop includes the review, processing and content-related deepening of the previous results of the design course "Hallstatt_Wohnen im Schaufenster", the conception, planning and implementation of a suitable exhibition format as well as the accompanying development of a publication format that should also be the framework for further, new contributions to the discourse.

2,5h, 3 ECTS
via Zoom
General meetings: Wed 9-13, via Zoom
Participation in the course is aimed at graduates of the Bachelor in Design (253.F43) and Gr. Design (253.F44) "Hallstatt_Wohnen im Schaufenster" 2020S!
Examination modalities
The examination of the task is documented and presented on the basis of individually defined delivery formats (e.g. publication and exhibition contributions such as plan graphics, models, films, photos, texts, etc.). A final digital documentation in TUWEL completes the task.