Urban land/scape - urban context

Housing is seen as an interaction between landscape and urban space as a program. Starting from the definition of "context" urban areas are analyzed in their field of view. The goal is to percept "housing" on the professional fields of urban planning, urban design,  urban Research and the "social space" in the sense of Henri Lefebvre.

If living themselves to the urban landscape, it is subsequently to work out the fine linen and qualities. Course parameters in this settlement and its impact on housing are considered as well as the existing urban / rural and cultural environment.

2h, 2 ECTS
via Zoom
1st lecture: March 24, 4:30 pm

1_24.03.2021, 16:30 > Stadt und Landschaft (Einführung)

2_14.04.2021, 16:30 > Ort und Nichtorte

3_21.04.2021, 16:30 > Planung und Handlung (Raumproduktion)

4_05.05.2021, 16:30 > Die geplante Stadt des Wohnens (Geschichte I)

5_09.06.2021, 16:30> Struktur und das urbane Programm (Geschichte II)

6_16.06.2021, 16:30> Strategie Natur

Date of Exam: will be announced.
Examination modalities
Written and oral