Michael Obrist
in conversation with


Share Screen Architecture

4. Mai 2021


Michael Obrist in conversation with Marcello Carpino, Mattia Inselvini, Davide Masserini and Luigi Savio form (ab)Normal about "Share Screen Architecture".

Share Screen Architecture
Zoom party, digital christmas, Zoom disco, Twitch live, camgirl or camboy. Within the contemporary technological environment, domestic spaces and television sets have been completely transfigured, collapsing in one single and very pervasive architecture, simultaneously intimate and hyper-exposed.

(ab)Normal is a creative agency engaged in the multidisciplinary exploration of areas such as design, architecture, scenography and graphic design. The project began as a Graphic Novel without chronology, in which outdated 3d objects and unrealized formal obsessions are rearranged into spatial narratives. The images, highly iconographic, allegorically describe the strange intersection between the Internet, Gaming and Religion. (ab)Normal has been published in magazines such as Domus and Abitare and has contributed with his works to various cultural events related to design and architecture, such as the Oslo Triennale (OAT2019), the Ljubljana Biennale (BIO26), The Swiss Architecture Museum (S AM), Triennale of Milan, Haus der Architektur in Graz (HDA). (ab)Normal has been founded in 2017 by Marcello Carpino, Mattia Inselvini, Davide Masserini and Luigi Savio.
2h, 2 ECTS
via Zoom
4. Mai 2021, 18.00 Uhr