Peer Review Colloquium 2

The colloquium is based on the principle: feedback from peers. The course offers a structured framework for a collegial exchange at eye level and well-founded feedback on scientific work in dissertations and publications. Participants and teachers alternately take on the role of presenters and respondents.


The winter term 2020/21 focuses on flexibility in the architectures of residential living; what concepts of flexibility have been raised and established in the discouses sicne 1945; what aims have been followed by the program of flexibility? whay is innovation in concepts of living and constriction limited to a little niber of pilot projects and what aspects of the debate found entrance into larger debates in the cultures of planning and living. 

the course will focus on the research of a selection of residential types in Vienna and Lower Austria after WWII. Participants will research, analyze and interprete key projects in flexibility.  

Participants are required to analyse and present selected texts. The course will be held alternately in English and German.
The text analysis follows a scheme provided by us. Accordingly, the inner structure of the text is to be uncovered, and the 'storyline' briefly summarized and crucial and analyzed. Literature reviews are an integral part of the research work and are at the beginning or accompany the research process. Course leaders Maja Lorbek and Michael Klein will carry out an exemplary text analysis and present it during the kick-off meeting.

3h, 4 ECTS
via Zoom
Mondays: 15.00
Examination modalities
presentation and respond, discussion,