Living in Extremis: Hallstatt - Salzkammergut 2024

Around one million tourists per year with 760 inhabitants - Hallstatt, located in the heart of the Salzkammergut tourist region, stands for the term overtourism like hardly any other place in Austria. The research project deals with the areas of tension of the global phenomenon of overtourism and living in the local and regional context of Hallstatt and the cultural capital region of Salzkammergut 2024 and sheds light on essential questions about living needs and living environments of the most varied of user groups.

"Living in Extremis: Hallstatt - Salzkammergut 2024" is conceived as a project that focuses on research and teaching and, in cooperation with several project partnerships, aims to make a significant contribution to the current architectural discourse and dialogue. In the summer semester 2020, a bachelor's and master's draft entitled “Hallstatt - Living in the Window” was held, which forms an integral part of this research project. Further formats for 2021 are planned.

In dialogue partnership and cooperation with art and cultural institutions such as the "European Capital of Culture Region Salzkammergut 2024" and the "Festival of Regions 2021", whose content and local orientations complement the research project initiated in Hallstatt and the Salzkammergut region, as well as the municipality of Hallstatt, questions and investigations are carried out to deepen it. Appropriate contributions to the discourse are to be developed by means of a publication, exhibition formats and an on-site symposium.
Michael Obrist, Christian Nuhsbaumer (Project Leader), Carola Stabauer