The Last Grand Tour

In Italy, central architectural and cultural themes have been developed since antiquity in an exemplary and often universal manner. They continue to form a frame of reference in architectural and cultural terms to this day. Following the tradition and partly the itinerary of the classical Grandtour, this publication aims to take a differentiated look at the Italian territory. Around the theme of housing, the aim is to present alternative narratives and positions on contemporary issues and focal points that may also be relevant to a context outside the territory under study. Which national phenomena can provide answers to questions of global dimension?

The overarching theme is housing: a gauge of economic, political and social contexts. Housing is examined as a complex construct on which diverse interests and needs, but also historical legacies, have an impact. The spatial aspect of housing is a crucial building block of these reflections, which can have massive impacts on the resources of soil and landscape. From a methodical "learning from...", proposals and strategies around housing will be considered and put up for discussion.
Michael Obrist, Antonietta Putzu