post-war EXISTENZMAXIMUM A course in urban journalism

We are living in an era in which cities will be increasingly subject to traumatic,

sudden, unpredictable shocks.

Economical crisis, climate changes,massive immigration, global pandemic and the most recent Uranian war have

emphasised the modern world as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

The survival of humans, will only bepossible if they demonstrate the ability to adapt their way of living to changes. The challenge will not be to find the „ideal existence“ but will express itself in their ability to regenerate themselves with simple but maximalist solutions.

Combining strategies of artistic practice and journalism to investigate, document and debate the forces — visible and invisible — that shape society and landscape, “Post-war Existenzmaximum, a course in urban journalism” aims to continue the research carried out last year. During 2021, the goal of the courses entitled “Post-pandemic City” and “Post-pandemic Countryside” were to transform a difficult moment in an opportunity to reflect on the ethical and political values of the future architecture.Starting from the reflections on Existenzminimum developed during the XX century in a war context, the course will change scale from the geopolitical dimension into the interior design of an Existenzmaximum.


The course will be divided into two blocks. The first one, entitled “Geography of a conflict” will consiste of an urban research and will analyse geopolitical, social and urban transformations of our contemporary time. The second part, entitled “Existenzmaximum”, will focus on new forms of livings through an interior design project.

The course will take place both physically and digitally. Once a month there will be two-day workshops where the fundamental design themes will be addressed through the presence of external teachers and through a series of collective discussions.  At the same time, there will be weekly reviews of the projects.  Digital lessons will be held every Wednesday from 9 to 14.

8.0h, 10 ECTS
Mi 9-14 Uhr

Mi 12.10.22 um 9 Uhr
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