Design Studio

Gastprofessur Lorenza Baroncelli: Post-pandemic city

Over the past fifty years, Europe has struggled to build a unique identity. In several countries, European sentiment has had to collide with the growth of centrifugal and Euro-skeptic forces. In the various European countries we've seen a common trend, similar to what is happening in the United States as well. In large metropolitan areas, liberal and progressive political parties generally register a higher consensus than that obtained in smaller cities and rural areas, where there is a strong consensus towards sovranist and populist parties. This is how the major European cities, Vienna, Berlin, Milan, Paris show surprising similarity. In 2020, the worldwide spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has further changed the context. Science, politics and knowledge have regained their centrality. European institutions are back to being protagonists with investments and aid such as the Recovery plan and the New generation EU program. Citizens are again feeling the need for public interventions to alleviate health and economic consequences of the pandemic. City models also need a major overhaul. In the next few years, architects, sociologists and urban planners will be called upon to design new forms of coexistence in a new, fascinating, Europa city.   

Throughout the course, students will be invited to design new forms of living in the post-pandemic city. Each lesson will change the scale of the project, from the European one, passing through new city models until the design of the interiors of an apartment. At the same time they will be asked to develop in-depth research through the reading of theoretical texts and newspapers that will support the design work. The lessons will have a first short part of theoretical debate and then each student will be invited to present the design work developed during the week, in front of all the other students. The course will be weekly (Wednesday from 9 to 14) and online.

Michael Obrist, Lorenza Baroncelli
8.0h, 10 ECTS
via Zoom
Kick off: Mittwoch 03.03.2021 / 09:00 via ZOOM

Die Besprechungen finden jeden Mittwoch von 09:00 - 14:00 Covid-19 bedingt digital statt.

Die Lehrveranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt.
Examination modalities
Der Entwurf wird in Form von Präsentationsplänen und -modellen präsentiert. Eine abschließende digitale Dokumentation komplettiert die Aufgabe.