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Low Rise – High Density


Housing production in both subsidised and privately financed housing takes place via multi-storey housing. On the one hand, this is of course conclusive, because at first glance it makes it easy to fulfil the expectations set for a broad housing supply.

In the area of horizontal densification, however, there are considerably more possibilities - especially with a visionary view. This concerns not only the housing typology but also the overlapping or merging of residential and non-residential functions, up to and including a completely new idea of community, neighbourhood and neighbourhood.


We are in the urban lakeside district of Aspern. A currently unplanned plot of land - no designs for the neighbourhood exist either - is the playing field for this "experiment". You will have to deal with questions of urban or settlement structure, mobility, community, cooperation and typologies.

The aim is to develop a neighbourhood that is not characterised by perimeter blocks or rows of buildings. The didactic goal is rather to work in a visionary or experimental way. The third dimension (space) is of course an important factor, as it controls the lighting of such compact volumes.


This design, newly defined in the Bachelor's degree plan 10.2021, must be carried out as individual work. A subarea of the urban design concept to be defined is to be worked out on a scale of 1:200 (plans/model), technical details such as a façade section on a scale of 1:20.

12h, 15 ECTS
Projektraum 3
Introduction on Tuesday, 12.10.2021 / 13.00
Meetings take place every Tuesday at 13.00.
Location: Project room 3
22-26.11.2021 Intensive phase TVFA Halle
thereafter also every Friday 09.00-12.00
07.12.2021 Interim presentation
21.01.2022 Final Presentation
TISS with Portfolio

This design studio takes place in presence at the TU Vienna. Participants must at least fullfill the 3G requirements; if the Covid situation deteriorates, this can also become a 1G arrangement.

Design is discourse, this can just temporary moved to the network.