Design studio

Community and cooperation: vernacular architecture

The guiding thesis of the course is that so called authorless architectures are, both in their functionality and aesthetics, the materialisation of a communal and cooperative consensus. What spatial and programmatic requirements underlie the aesthetics of various vernacular architectures? What happens to a site-specific and community-based architecture when it is reduced to its design elements? What role does academic discourse play in the perception of vernacular building? How has the subject of authorless architecture been historically thematised, categorised and appropriated? Within the framework of this research-based format, independent research questions are to be defined and critically reflected upon textually and graphically.

4h, 5 ECTS
Projektraum WB - 3/253
Meetings on Mon 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM
Kick-off 04.10.21 10:00 AM -12:00 PM via Zoom
Final review 13.12.2021
Examination modalities
Independent research, analysis and definition of theses on the topic. A critical and multi-layered analysis and statement on vernacular architecture in textual and graphic form is required .