Michael Obrist
spricht mit

Javier Arpa Fernández

Everything is now.

19. Januar 2021

Javier Arpa Fernández

Michael Obrist spricht mit Javier Arpa Fernández zum Thema "Everything is now".

Javier Arpa Fernández is a teacher, researcher, author and curator.
(TU Delft / MVRDV)

Everything is now
Now is climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, societal inequity and political unrest. Now is rampant urbanisation, overpopulation, migration, aggressive misogyny, white supremacism, capitalist exploitation of the Earth and artificial intelligence takeover. Now is today and there is no future without now. We need to speed-up the official agendas. We as citizens must do more and faster. Now. Let’s accommodate the future by challenging the now. We are running out of time. Everything is now.

Javier Arpa Fernández is an architecture and urbanism academic, author, curator and researcher. Trained in a Master of Science in Architecture at Delft University of Technology, Javier specialises in urban design and research on the the city. Javier is the Research and Education Coordinator of the Why Factory, a global think-tank and research institute, led by professor Winy Maas at Delft University of Technology. During 2019, Javier was the Deputy Editor of Domus magazine in Milan, Italy. Javier is also the Editor-in-Chief at the firm MVRDV. Recently, Javier was appointed Curator of Public Programs of the Faculty of Architecture of TU Delft, where he initiated the BK Talks program. He also holds a position of lecturer in the Landscape Architecture Department of the University of Pennsylvania. Previously, Javier taught at Harvard and Columbia Universities in the USA, ENSA-Bellevile and ENSA-Versailles in France, and IE University in Spain.
253.C23 Wohngespräche 2
2h, 2 ECTS
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Dienstag, 19. Januar 2021