Michael Obrist
in conversation with

EDIT [Alberte Lauridsen]

Domestic Communality

16 Januar 2024

EDIT [Alberte Lauridsen]

CLAIMING*SPACES (Bernadette Krejs & Marlene Wagner) in conversation with  EDIT [Alberte Lauridsen] about "Domestic Communality"

The contemporary city is organised with a clear front and back, layered but segregated. What kind of biases does this segregation reveal, gendered and otherwise? Starting from the hierarchy of domestic space, and the separation of private and public spheres, Edit’s talk will trace the power dynamics in the city across different scales, exploring formal and customary rules which govern use of space and how those might be challenged.

Edit is a feminist design collective working to challenge biases embedded in the built environment. Edit’s research looks at architecture and its power to influence and maintain established gender roles within a capitalist system, and is interested in how traces of care and reproductive labour spill into the public realm, disrupting formal notions of public life and space.

Alberte Lauridsen
Alberte is an architect and founding member of feminist architecture collective, Edit. Her work considers how architecture reinforces gendered rituals and social norms, proposing alternatives through built and speculative projects. Alberte is currently teaching at the London School of Architecture.
2h, 2 ECTS
Live in HS 7
16. Januar 2024