Michael Obrist
in conversation with

Carlo Ratti

Senseable Cities

14. Januar 2020

Carlo Ratti

Michael Obrist spricht mit Carlo Ratti zum Thema "Senseable Cities".

Carlo Ratti is an architect, engineer and inventor, founding partner oft he international design office Carlo Ratti Associati and director of the MIT Senseable City Lab, a research group that explores how new technologies are changing the way we understand, design and ultimately live in cities. Highlighted in WIRED’s “Smart List: 50 people who will change the world“, Ratti has co-authored over 500 publications and holds several patents, his work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the Design Museum in Barcelona, the Science Museum in London, and The MoMa New York. Two of his projects – the Digital Water Pavilion and the Copenhagen Wheel – have been included by TIME Magazine in the list of the ‘Best Inventions of the Year’. Currently, Carlo Ratti serves as the co-chair of the World Economic Forum Global Council on the Future of Cities and Urbanization.
253.C23 Wohngespräche 2
2h, 2 ECTS
TU Wien
Dienstag, 14. Januar 2020