Evolutionary Architectures - future morphologies and spatial variations / transcripts of writing two cities

In Dubai's grandiose architecture, there always seems to be a "what if?" - a present state of possibility that is often quickly replaced by a "what now?" - a state of wonder in doubt, where there is no longer aspiration or imagination.

It is obvious, however, that in addition to the criticism of Dubai's architecture, there are positive aspects, such as the city's ambition, its willingness to experiment, and its role as a global architectural and urban laboratory. However, the criticisms reflect a broader discussion about the balance between architectural innovation, culture, sustainability, and social responsibility in rapidly evolving urban environments. We will compare Vienna, as a metropolis of culture to Dubai, discover differences and parallels, and find inspiration.

The design is based on the concept of evolutionary systems to create adaptive spaces that evolve with changing narratives and establish deeper connections between history(s), environments, and spatial identity. Instead of static structures, this approach allows for gradual change and responsiveness.

This design explores architectural landscapes in Vienna and Dubai, developing variations and linking them to create dynamic environments. These variations represent different stages of design evolution and allow for adapted and adaptable living spaces. Selected buildings in Dubai and in Vienna blend experimentally, both physically and conceptually. This approach integrates architectural design, interfaces, and shared narratives for morphological evolution.

By developing spatial variations and interconnecting narratives, this design explores architectural reinvention and adaptability. The resulting architectural landscapes reflect shared aspirations to physically and conceptually connect environments and reflect our collective human experience.

Tala Vaziri, Cuno Brullmann
8.0h, 10 ECTS
Tuesday 03.10.2023 02.00 pm

Tuesdays 02.00 pm - 07.00 pm
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