Michael Obrist
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Shumi Bose

We are Family

07. Juni 2022

Shumi Bose

Michael Obrist [feld72] in conversation with Shumi Bose about "We are Family"

We Are Family
Home has long been the ground zero of architectural thought, combining as it does an immediacy of universal lived experience, with layers of political, socioeconomic and cultural specificity. If such a thing can be said to exist, he shape of the "ideal family home" has been invented, attacked, morphed, crystallised and —more recently— looks set to collapse, under the intense societal pressures of global lockdown, recession and the erosion of binary gender values, among other things. This talk is a necessarily light skim through a conception of 'home' through the things that have continued to figure in the ever-shifting "idea" — money, security and the most architectural of them all: family

Shumi Bose is a teacher, curator and editor based in London. She is a senior lecturer in Architecture at Central Saint Martins, and visiting lecturer at Architectural Association. Shumi is an associate at the African Futures Laboratory, and found of Holdspace, a discussion platform for architecture outside the academic sphere. She has also worked as a curator of exhibitions at the Royal Institute of British Architects and at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.
2h, 2 ECTS
HS 7
7. Juni 2022, 18 Uhr